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Thank you for visiting our website. This site contains details of all the implantology services we offer to our patients. Obviously you can get only limited information from booklets or web sources. Every patient and their needs are unique and we recognise that.


If you wish to consider dental implant based treatment as an option, we strongly feel you need to be seen for a consultation and get a personlised treatment plan. This will also give us an opportunity to know each other and develop the doctor patient relationship which we feel is very important. You can consult our surgery reception for further details about a no obligation consultation.


We hope to see you and wish we could be of some help to address your problems,




Mr Kishore Shanbhag

GDC registration 79959

B.D.S., M.D.S., F.D.S.R.C.S. Eng, (ed eundem)

F.D.S.R.C.S  & Dip Implant Dent. RCS Ed.


Mrs Kanchan Shanbhag

GDC registration 85026

B.D.S., MFDS R.C.S. Eng.





Guide to select an Implantologist _ check list


1. Implant dentistry related training and qualification. Example : Dip implant Dent from Royal College of Surgeons, MSc in implant dentistry from reputed universities, Diplomas from Implant training centers.


2. Does dentist place and restore implants regularly ? Generally experience dentists who provide regular implant care place and restore more than 100 implants a year.


3. How long dentist has been placing implants ? Longevity is not a guide to quality of service, but will reflect on experience in the field.


4. Is dentist up to date with ever changing implant technology ? Implant dentistry is relatively new field and is subject of rapid progress during last 2 decades.


5. Is there evidence of audits, data on success rates, policy on implant failures,  and complications readily available in the practice ?


6. can you get a written estimate and consent form prior to agreeing a formal treatment ?


We satisfy all the criteria above, and go beyond these to provide best possible options for your dental implant treatment. Our audited success rate for 10 year implant survival is 95 % and we take pride in these achievement. 



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